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Voip By The Numbers

Why Do Businesses Choose VoIP? There will be 83 million VoIP lines globally by 2015, and VoIP can travel with a person wherever they are in the world. It can be run from a computer or a mobile phone, and calls can forward from one number to the next easily. How popular is VoIP? Very, according to the infographic. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually . In 2001 there were about 121,000 people used VoIP. That number has now grown to 30 million in only 10 years. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly fond of VoIP, with roughly 30 percent of small and medium-sized firms now using VoIP. How is the business of VoIP? Quite good. Global VoIP revenue has risen from $58 billion in 2011 to $65 billion in 2012.
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VoIP (voice over IP)

The Forum also promotes the user of directory service standards so that users can locate other users and the use of touch-tone signals for automatic call distribution and voice mail. In addition to IP, VoIP uses the real-time protocol ( RTP ) to help ensure that packets get delivered in a timely way. Using public networks, it is currently difficult to guarantee Quality of Service ( QoS ). Better service is possible with private networks managed by an enterprise or by an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP).
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VoIP Supply Unveils Cisco-powered Virtual Receptionist

Customers visiting the VoIP Supply store are now offered a completely fresh experience -- they are welcomed with the EX60's 21.5" color LCD screen displaying the message, "Please press call and we'll be right with you." Users are directed to the 8-inch Cisco TelePresence touchscreen interface by an arrow on the screen. The interface has been wired to the monitor, thereby facilitating a simplified single-touch call control. The Cisco EX60 delivers real-time connectivity to SIP and H.323 standards-compliant telepresence and video conferencing systems . The Cisco EX60 is also completely compatible with these systems. The Cisco EX60 has been optimized for utilization with Cisco Webex Telepresence( News - Alert ) hosted video service. The system comprises of a Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD camera, capable of delivering a maximum of 1080p30 video resolution. The camera also features auto focus, privacy shutter, and a document camera mode.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://outbound-call-center.tmcnet.com/topics/hosted-call-center/articles/354802-voip-supply-unveils-cisco-powered-virtual-receptionist.htm

HTCS Converts Office wi-fi to VOIP for Company Cell Phones

With an understanding of how cell phones are used at the office, we thought it was important to find a solution that allows companies to affordably reduce their cell phone expenses, while still accommodating the uses that their employees are actually putting their cell phones to. Charles Clark, President, HI Tech-C Systems Inc. The HTCS system includes a wireless security server and a HTCS Mobility cell phone client. The Server resides at the enterprises office. The Mobility cell phone client uses the server to communicate, via the wi-fi system, to route telephone calls from mobile phones through the VoIP system. I recently changed locations of my offices and contacted HTCS to help transfer my existing phone system to our new location. They not only were on time they also upgraded our system with all the new features and trained our IT staff with all the necessary information to maintain our phone system and network.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.wirelessdevnet.com/news/2013/oct/10/news5.html

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