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Goin' South: Cisco Offers 'opflex' As Alternative To Openflow | Light Reading

(NYSE: VMW). Cohen said Cisco is working with its partners initially, and hopes to broaden support to other companies later. Of course, Cisco's competitors don't have significant incentive to support OpFlex early on, and without their support the standard looks unlikely to move beyond Cisco's sphere of influence, significant though that may be. OpFlex is part of Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure, a hybrid physical and virtual strategy using Nexus 9000 switches and an Application Policy Infrastructure Controller that centralizes and automates policy management for the Nexus 9000 fabric.
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Cisco reveals its Internet of Everything router - Network World

cisco router Sign in Network World - Cisco Tuesday unveiled its Internet of Everything router , a device intended to address the growth in Internet traffic brought about by cloud, mobile, video and machine-to-machine communications. The Network Convergence System (NCS), which was expected, is the culmination of three years of work by 450 engineers and $250 million in funding, Cisco says. NCS includes a new network processor Cisco introduced two weeks ago: the nPower X1 . The system is not a core router like the Cisco CRS, or a successor to the CRS, the company says. Rather, it is a network fabric designed to scale CRS cores and ASR 9000 edge routers in service provider networks from centralized systems to distributed architectures able to accommodate the growth of Internet connected things, like cars, homes and machines. [BUT DIDNT THEY JUST ANNOUNCE New Cisco core router boasts 10X capacity of original ] Cisco expects trillions of these device-driven events to come online in the next decade, a situation the company refers to as the Internet of Everything. Cisco says it plans to equip the CRS systems with the nPower chip as well to improve scale and introduce programmability into the platform for core routing requirements. Cisco says the NCS can transport the entire NetFlix library in less than one second in a full multi-chassis deployment.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/092413-cisco-router-274121.html

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