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Palo Alto Networks (nyse: Panw) Stock Latest To Jump After Major Cyber Deal

VMware adds NSX firewall integration with Palo Alto Networks

Santa Clara, Calif.-headquartered Palo Alto Networks Inc. (NYSE: PANW ) acquired Silicon Valley startup Morta Security, described as "operating in stealth mode since 2012." Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. PANW stock rose 3.7% Tuesday on the news. The post Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) Stock Latest to Jump After Major Cyber Deal appeared first on Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From .
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So when you browse the Internet, [the firewall] is making sure you don't go to sites you're not supposed to go and that the content that comes in is not going to harm you. The second option is to allow the application to go through without checking the traffic. The third option is to use a next-generation firewall. With that option, you are safely enabling the use of applications. So you set policy based upon application type? Zuk:What you do for each application is to mirror your email policy. You decide what applications users can access, what they can do with the application and what kind of content can they send.
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Network Innovation Award: Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls

The combined technologies bring automated, advanced security features and visibility to virtual network overlays. The NSX firewall integration includes Palo Alto's Panorama firewall management software and its VM Series of virtual firewalls . "We're going down the road of network virtualization and software-defined networks -- and integrating them now with security is important ," said John Kindervag, principal analyst for Cambridge, Legacy Systems Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. "Too many people are thinking about the networking part of [SDN] and not the security part." VMware NSX firewall integration: Automated virtual network security When VMware NSX connects with Panorama, it can automatically insert Palo Alto's virtual firewalls on all the server hosts connected to the virtual network. "Panorama will register itself and show up as a service on NSX," said Danelle Au, director of solutions marketing at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Palo Alto . "NSX will then take a copy of [Palo Alto's] VM Series and deploy it on every ESXi server. The VM Series will boot up and go to Panorama to retrieve all its licensing, configuration and policy." The NSX firewall integration assures the automatic application of security policies to virtual machines and the sharing of contextual information about those virtual machines with Panorama so that the proper security policies are applied to each application running on a physical host. Context is essential to securing virtual networks, which have been opaque to firewalls and other network security appliances in the past. "If you don't have context, you can't make good policy decisions," Kindervag said. "You need a multiplicity of data points to understand what's happening on the network, and whether you should allow that traffic or not." The integration also streamlines operations through automation.
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